About Us

Our vision is to improve lives, support those in need and reduce inequality in our communities.

 Our Mission and Values

  1. Our mission is to prevent and relieve poverty in Cambridgeshire by providing food, household items, support with domestic costs for individuals in financial hardship including those facing disproportionate disadvantage either through poverty or other status.
  2. We will raise awareness of the impact of emergencies on disadvantage and inequalities and serve in the spirit of Islamic principles of care, humility and compassion.
  3. We will foster and nurture generosity and volunteering action in Cambridgeshire by improving the life and conditions of beneficiaries.

What we do

The pandemic has left many individuals, families and the vulnerable struggling to buy food, heat their homes and pay their bills. This will only become worse if people lose income because they fall sick or have to self-isolate, particularly those with young children and those with health conditions. We want to prevent poverty, hardship and long-term suffering and break the cycle of poverty.

  • We purchase food, items such as food vouchers/utility top ups/fuel to individuals in need
  • We support all communities by enabling better partnership work e.g. by providing improved knowledge of the impact of emergencies such as COVID-19 on disadvantage and inequalities, leading to better targeted services