Choose to Challenge

Published by Ibrahim Rahman on

We are proud to be marking International Women’s Day.

Held every year on 8th March, this is a global day that celebrates the achievements of women all over the world, while also calling for gender equality. This year’s campaign theme is Choose To Challenge, the idea being that “a challenged world is an alert world… and from challenge comes change”.

For the Karim Foundation, International Women’s Day brings the opportunity to recognise and honour the invaluable contributions of our female Trustees and co-founders Jeandre Hunter and Shahida Rahman.

Jeandre Hunter, Trustee and co-founder of Karim Foundation

“The Karim Foundation strives to raise awareness and generate funds for those people and aims to bring hope to those who have none,” says Jeandre. “As a Trustee, I recognise the contribution I can make to raise awareness and crucially raise funds for those in need. I hope that this role will also empower women and I aim to perform this role with honour.”

Shahida Rahman, Trustee and co-founder of Karim Foundation

“I choose to challenge existing gender bias in our communities,” says Shahida. “As a woman, it is important for me to make my voice heard and celebrate all women in leadership, and all women’s achievements today.”