Improving Food Diversity in Cambridge

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Cambridge City Foodbank
Trustee Kal Karim talks to Amir Suleman on Salaam Radio about our efforts to improve food diversity in Cambridge

We recently visited the Cambridge City Foodbank to donate various food items that cater for ethnic minorities.

Since the pandemic, we have learned that ethnically diverse food is not always available at foodbanks that meet the dietary requirements of our local communities, and some from ethnic groups feel reluctant or ashamed to seek help from a foodbank – with many suffering in silence.

We approached the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum, who have been able to identify individuals in desperate need of food supplies, who perhaps might go unnoticed and miss out on help from the Cambridge City Council. We continue to work in partnership with the Forum and recognise their wonderful efforts to support the most vulnerable in the city.

We have been working together with local groceries that specially cater for our Asian, African and European communities including All Seasons, Jiamart, Notun Bangla Bazar, and Pod Orłem. Through your generous donations, we purchased various food items from these stores, with all kindly offering discounts.

“Everyone’s experience of poverty is different,” says Shahida. “It is important to recognise the needs of our communities and that there are diverse foods available to all those who visit the Foodbank. We thank all the local stores in Cambridge who have very kindly provided subsidies for these food items that we have purchased to support those in need.”

Earlier this week, Kal and Ibrahim of the Karim Foundation delivered the food items to the Foodbank site based on Cowley Road, Cambridge, where they met volunteers Sophie Cheal and David Cairns. These will be distributed by Fairbite, an initiative of the Foodbank designed to help local people who are struggling financially.

Kal says: “Next time people go food shopping, please consider what you would want to eat, whatever ethnicity you are, and add that to the food basket because someone, somewhere, will appreciate that more than you will know.”

Trustee Kal Karim talks to Julian Clover and Lucy Milazzo on Cambridge 105 Radio about our efforts to improve food diversity in Cambridge

If you would like to support our efforts to improve food diversity at the Cambridge City Foodbank, please donate generously or contact us to find out more.

Ibrahim Rahman

Director of Communications