A Message of Support from Rayhan Gani

Published by Ibrahim Rahman on

Rayhan Gani standing outside the Omar Faruque Mosque and Cultural Centre.

Thank you to Rayhan Gani of the Omar Faruque Mosque and Cultural Centre for supporting this year’s Cambridge Ramadan Appeal.

“The last ten days of Ramadan are really special and they present an enormous opportunity to do lots of good,” said Rayhan Gani, one of the Imams of the Mosque. “Giving charity is something that carries immense reward, especially during this blessed month.”

“The Karim Foundation’s Cambridge Ramadan Appeal aims to provide lifeline support to refugees and asylum seekers who are now living in Cambridge and the neighbouring areas of the city.

“Ramadan is ending soon. But there’s still time for you to make a real difference. Help the Karim Foundation today by giving as much as you can to the Cambridge Ramadan Appeal during these last ten days. Your donations will really help with providing vital food support to those in need.

“Please donate generously. Thank you.”

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