Stay Warm Stay Safe: Winter Campaign

Published by Ibrahim Rahman on

We have launched our first-ever winter campaign to fundraise for the purchase of 200 items of warm clothing and footwear for people who are homeless, or at risk of losing their home in Cambridge that currently use the services at Wintercomfort for the Homeless.

Please donate generously towards this campaign:

How we view and tackle homelessness depends on the kind of experience we have. Most who are homeless do not end up on the streets. These hidden homeless are often sleeping on sofas, staying with family or temporary accommodation that is usually insecure. For the minority that do sleep rough, offers of support are often resisted and demonstrates how complex homelessness is.

Wintercomfort for the Homeless, a charity in Cambridge, have been providing these vulnerable people practical welfare support, counselling, advice, training and opportunities since 1991.

The Karim Foundation and Wintercomfort are working together to support those that access their services and provide them warm clothing, footwear and other essentials through this fundraising campaign. We will be purchasing these items that will be delivered to Wintercomfort to give to those beneficiaries on a priority basis.

“We’re experiencing one of the most challenging periods in our 30 year history,” says Melody Brooker, Fundraising and Communications Manager at Wintercomfort.

“Demand for our services is increasing as the effects of the pandemic continue to impact upon lives and livelihoods. The Karim Foundation’s project to supply new, good quality clothing for our homeless and vulnerably housed service users is invaluable. 

“This fantastic initiative will continue to provide some of the most vulnerable people within our community not only with clean, dry and warm clothing but with the dignity and self-respect to equip them to take the first steps towards a more positive future. We are so grateful for this amazing support.”

Thank you for your kindness and support.

Photo credit: Sir Cam