Supporting Food Justice in Cambridge

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Vicky Haywood from Cambridge City Council hosted the Food Justice Conference

The Karim Foundation were pleased to speak at today’s ‘Food Justice in Cambridge: Beyond the Pandemic’ conference, an event organised by the Cambridge City Council.

Held at the Clay Farm Centre in Trumpington, Cambridge, the conference presented an opportunity for local groups, organisations and businesses to share their response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how to continue working together to support food justice into the future.

Eddie Stadnik, Ibrahim Rahman and Shahida Rahman
With Eddie Stadnik (left), Chief Officer at Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum

Shahida and Ibrahim Rahman attended the event and delivered a short presentation together about our ongoing efforts to support the most vulnerable in our city.

“The pandemic gave us an opportunity to strengthen relationships and work with other groups and organisations such as the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum, Cambridge Sustainable Food, Cambridge City Council and the Cambridge City Foodbank,” Trustee Shahida explained.

“We are currently the only charity in Cambridge that provides culturally appropriate food to those from ethnic minority backgrounds such as halal meat, chicken, fish and rice, as well as other food items.”

With Simon Wall (centre), Communities Manager at Cambridge United Community Trust, and Nicky Shepard (right), CEO of Abbey People
With Simon Wall (centre), Communities Manager at Cambridge United Community Trust, and Nicky Shepard (right), CEO of Abbey People

In the second half of their presentation, Ibrahim (our Director of Communications) highlighted the importance of clear and concise digital communication, particularly through social media and other online platforms. This resonated with many conference attendees who have the responsibility of managing the social media channels for their respective groups and organisations.

“We have been working hard to ensure our messaging is accessible and easy for people to understand across all our platforms,” Ibrahim said.

“This has been particularly important for the content we publish on social media, so we can engage with key stakeholders such as potential donors and new supporters, as well as reaching out to local organisations and councillors. We are delighted to have received such a positive response towards our content, as many have continued to help us by sharing our messages widely. We cannot thank you enough.”

Shahida added: “We have received huge support [since our formation in September 2020] and we thank all of you who have contributed and supported us.”

Many thanks to Cambridge City Council for organising this event.

Gavin Shelton (left), CEO and Founder of CoFarm Foundation
With Gavin Shelton (left), CEO and Founder of CoFarm Foundation

The Karim Foundation continues its efforts to provide food and fuel support for Cambridge families and individuals in financial difficulty. Visit the Donate page to find out how you can help those in need today.