A Message of Support from Imam Sejad Mekić

Published by Ibrahim Rahman on

We are grateful to Imam Sejad Mekić of Cambridge Central Mosque for supporting our Cambridge Ramadan Appeal.

“Please support their noble project providing assistance that is very much needed for our local residents,” said Imam Sejad Mekić.

“Please donate generously so that our own neighbours and our local friends can also live a comfortable life. It really doesn’t make sense for us in Cambridge to see people who are struggling to buy the basic foods, and to pay their household bills.

“We know what has happened in the last couple of years [with the pandemic and cost of living crisis], so this initiative is even more important. Let us be generous and kind, and support those who are less fortunate than us through the Karim Foundation this Ramadan.”

Give now: justgiving.com/campaign/CambridgeRamadanAppeal2023

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If you would like to further support our efforts this Ramadan, please contact us to find out more.