Cambridge Ramadan Appeal 2022 Launch

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Cambridge Ramadan Appeal
Trustee Kal Karim talks to Amir Suleman about the Cambridge Ramadan Appeal on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

The Karim Foundation relaunches its Cambridge Ramadan Appeal for 2022.

We enter the holy month of Ramadan once again, as many Muslims across the world will abstain from eating and drinking during daylight hours. The offering of prayers, reading of the Qur’an and giving charity are increased and encouraged during this blessed month.

With household prices set to soar in April, struggling families and individuals in Cambridge will feel the impact of the cost of living crisis. Food prices are rising rapidly and UK households face a 54% hike in energy bills. The most vulnerable in our communities will be forced to cut back on buying food, heating their homes and paying their bills.

This Ramadan, you can help us to provide urgent food and fuel support to locals in desperate need and build on the work that has been carried out since last year’s Cambridge Ramadan Appeal.

“We’ve continued to identify families who need help, in partnership with the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum and Cambridge City Council,” Shahida explained in a Cambridge 105 Radio interview last February.

“We have been working with a community support worker from the Council because we found that people from ethnic minorities were very reluctant to ask for help.

“Through this working arrangement, the Karim Foundation cannot identify the specific individuals we’re supporting so those beneficiaries who actually know us on a personal level, their anonymity is preserved but crucially we are providing the food and fuel support they are seeking.”

Shahida also addressed the UK cost of living crisis.

“The rising cost of energy is a huge concern to us. We expect more people will be coming forward over the coming months for help with buying food and covering their bills.

“We are kindly asking you all to please contribute to our Cambridge Ramadan Appeal, so that we can help those in need in our communities. Your support and generosity during this month will be greatly appreciated.”

You can support this year’s Cambridge Ramadan Appeal through donating, volunteering your time, or fundraising with your family, friends and colleagues, so we can help locals in adversity during these challenging times.

Please donate generously.

We wish everyone observing Ramadan this year a safe, blessed and peaceful month. Ramadan Kareem.

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